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LUNAIR masks are the only masks on the market safeguarded with FUZE technology.



  • Anti-Bacterial
  • UV Protection
  • Odor Control
  • Sustainable
  • Permanent
  • Zero Waste
  • Chemical Free
  • Safe
  • Odor & Germ Control
    Eliminates germs that synthesize fats and lipids creating odor. Stops germs and denatures them on contact. 95% smell reduction after 24 hours of wearing.
  • Hyper-Evaporation
    BAAL Tunnel testing shows significantly improved drying times with FUZE enhanced fabrics compared to the identical fabric without.
  • Cooling Technology
    FUZE helps to boosts natural evaporation ensuring freshness, protection and comfort during everyday wear with your mask.
  • UVA/UVB Wavelengths
    FUZE alloy adjusts harmful UV wavelengths creating a phase shift out of the damaging range.
    Enhances and protects colors from the damaging rays that deteriorate fibers.

Fuze is safe

We use only pure minerals that do not have any negative effects on the environment and are not dangerous to humans. FUZE is permanently adhered to the material it is applied to and will not leach out into the environment or through skin membranes. FUZE is non-ionic and uses a mechanical breakdown to kill bacteria, opposed to a chemical reaction. Fuze is applied with a very light misting process that uses a very small amount of water and solution. No water is wasted or dumped downstream after the process. FUZE is the perfect solution for preventing and killing odor-causing and harmful pathogens. We got you covered.


FUZE is applied as a light, water-based mist and permanently adheres to any material, product, or surface.

Toxic disease carrying bacteria will move up to 3 centimeters within 24 hours as it searches for food. On their search for food, they will come in contact with FUZE particles that will pierce their membrane shells and kill them

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